“Challenging behavior” is a caregiver complaint […] not a patient complaint.

Clarissa Kripke


[…] Just as there’s a huge difference between screaming because you want to be obnoxious and deafen someone, and screaming because you’re in agony, what Alfred is doing is not aggression.



But context matters. There is a difference between doing something harmful on purpose, and doing something because you’re overloaded and haven’t figured out how to act better while overloaded. There’s a difference between being unable to recognize faces and being indifferent to others. Intent isn’t magic, it doesn’t always make actions less harmful, but it does change what should be done about them and how they should be see.

Ruti Regan


In my case, yes, I would have violent angry explosions, and to attack others in such a way was wrong. I do not dispute that.

However, what was also wrong was the fact that others were allowed to torment me with impunity before, during, and after my explosion. What was also wrong was the fact that my attempts to resolve the situation non-violently were ignored or sabotaged […]