Swings (Part 2)

It is not always easy to reconstruct an accident: sometimes the skid marks and the injuries simply indicate that they occurred simultaneously, frustrating efforts to determine which driver caused the harm. […]

the accident’s causes may be multiple – both knowable and unknowable […]

Out of context; Kimberlé Crenshaw, Therí Alyce Pickens


Despite claims of authority over representation of a place, maps almost always misrepresent that place in some important way, making the familiar seem alien.

Counter-mapping […] relies on collective-memory work to understand how communities build meaning and identity.

It poses questions (Who once occupied this space? What was once here? Why is it no longer here? What elements of it are or were meaningful to the people who use or used that space daily?) that subvert singular narratives of home, of belonging, and of what a place should be.

Out of context, Adwoa Afful


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